Supported Software, Environments and System Requirements

By Kristina King posted 01-28-2015 21:38



06-02-2021 17:01

@Abubakar Karajagi presently the latest version of Jama Standard (Self-Hosted) and Airgap is 8.56.3.

However, the next latest version, 8.62, will be released on Friday, June 4, 2021.

Please see Jama Connect Standard (Self-Hosted) Channel and Airgap 8.x Release Notes for more information.

05-24-2021 23:38

Hello Kristina ,

 What is the present Jama version (airgap) ,I see that 8.56.3 it is showing is that correct ?


02-04-2016 05:29

That's great news, thank you, Kristina!

02-03-2016 21:58

Anna, according to one of our QA engineers, 6.4 should work fine.

02-03-2016 14:57

Yeah, you're right that the data sheet is absolutely out-of-date, as the JIH is now on version 4.3, not 4.2, and with it there are some supported integrations variances. I'll let Marketing know it should be updated.

But in terms of the legacy connector, 6.3.15 was tested with Jama 2014.2 through 2015.2, and then with the release of 2015.3 we began supporting JIRA 7. I don't know what the implication for 6.4 is—I'll check and get back to you.

02-03-2016 08:28

Jira 7 is not on our roadmap yet, but we would like to upgrade to 6.4.12. So does that implicitly mean, that it is not supported by the legacy connector?

As a side note: As this forum was down yesterday I searched for the JIH datasheet on your website. I found it, but it does not seem to be up-to-date - at least it states other supported versions for Jira than it does in this article:


02-01-2016 18:52

With the legacy connectors, if you upgrade to 2015.3 or newer, we support JIRA 7. (We released 2015.3 to address a critical bug with the legacy connector in 2015.2 and used that opportunity to test JIRA 7.)

02-01-2016 05:56

Hi Kristina,

are there any updates regarding the supported Jira-versions when using the Legacy Connector? We would like to update our Jira to 6.4.12. - our Contour is 2015.1.

Thank you,

10-05-2015 21:07

Angela, we do not yet have an end-of-life date for the support of our legacy connectors. At this point we're waiting until some features in the JIH are available before announcing the EOL for the legacy connectors. We will, however, provide a six-month warning prior to ceasing support of those legacy connectors.

10-05-2015 15:58

How long will the legacy JIRA connector continue to be supported in on-premise releases?

09-09-2015 10:40

Great -- thanks!

09-04-2015 15:40

Hi Ryan!  Megan checked in with our Product and Engineering teams about this, and they're exploring what it will take to support 12c with our next on-premises version. I'll keep you posted.

09-03-2015 13:39

Thanks, Kristina.

You're correct in that having an on-premise Jama installation with a database in the cloud doesn't sound particularly efficient. :)

However, my understanding from our DB architects is that while Oracle's marketing material sells 12c as "designed for the cloud", it in no way mandates it.

i.e. 12c can be implemented as privately hosted databases running on dedicated infrastructure in-house, just as easily as 11g can.

09-02-2015 13:04

Ryan, the last time I asked about our support of Oracle 12C, this question came up: why would you host Jama on-premises but have your database in the cloud? (It's not a use case we've come up against.)

09-02-2015 12:46

It's been pointed out to me that the "Premier Support" phase for Oracle database 11g ended in January of this year, and as of next January, our company will be getting dinged additional support premiums from Oracle until we upgrade to Oracle 12c.

I note that Oracle 12c still isn't listed in the supported databases -- Can you confirm if there is an ETA for introducing this support in an on-premise Jama release?


06-18-2015 16:04

@Virginia, great question! To answer you and @Swoo—we officially support browsers that are only used at 100% zoom. Using zoom above or below 100% is not tested by our QA team, so features may not work as expected. As you both have noticed, there are some front-end issues that pop up when zoom is not at 100%.

06-18-2015 15:26

Virginia, that's a good question. I zoomed in and out all the time depending whether I'm showing my desktop during training or just want to see more items in the web UI. I'm interested to find out the answer. @Kristina, any tips? I usually zoom in and out Chrome until Jama webUI seems broken, then I'll clear the browser cache and re-start :-) Strange but true, I've even pinched and zoomed on my iPad for the hosted sandbox environment without too much troubles. :-)

06-18-2015 15:04

On this statement:

Note that browser zoom is supported only at 100%

Are you saying that zooming out to say 50% or 75% is not supported or the opposite, zooming in to 125% or 200% isn't supported?  Or both?  We're seeing some odd behaviors on Chrome that don't exist on IE11 with zooming out to 75%.

06-08-2015 16:33

Thanks for the quickly reply. Will continue to use and advise my supported users to use Chrome.

06-08-2015 16:27

In all my testing Chrome is definitely still the fastest.

06-08-2015 16:17

Great question—I'll have to check with QA. I always use Jama in Chrome as well!

06-08-2015 15:18

Hi Kristina,

Thanks for the information. In the past I always recommend Chrome to other Jama users because it seems to be the fastest browser for a user to navigate and interact with Jama. Out of these four browsers, has Jama officially benchmarked the performance? Is Chrome still the fastest? I don't have any direct experience with IE 10 and 11. In the past I know I've used Firefox and IE older versions but always found Chrome to be the fastest.

Note that browser zoom is supported only at 100%.
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

06-05-2015 15:43

Thank you, that answered my question.

06-05-2015 15:22

JIRA 6.4.5 was released after Jama 2015.1 was made available, so they have not been tested for compatibility. Jama 2015.1 was tested with JIRA 6.3.15 (and the latest hosted version). We do not continue to test our on-premises releases with updated versions of JIRA—we test only prior to the release.

06-05-2015 14:10

Could you clarify for as long as we have a current and valid JAMA license, the JIRA connector will work with the latest version of JIRA? For example, JIRA 6.4.5 with JAMA Spring 2015.  -Thank you.

03-23-2015 16:59

Peter, the Connector that is available in Jama once a license is
purchased will support JIRA 6.3.15, provided you are using Jama 2014.2+.

03-09-2015 16:54

It turns out that there is a bit more work to be done scoping out the versions we support—our QA team is going to be doing some testing in the next couple of weeks, so I'll keep you updated.

03-05-2015 16:17

Kristina thanks - that answers my question !

03-05-2015 16:08

I'll try my best to answer the question—please let me know if it prompts more :)

What's listed above in the Connectors section are the tools that we support through official integrations—so if you were to purchase our Rally connector, we would support the connection of Rally API version 1.43 to Jama.

As far as our SOAP API goes, we make that available for our customers but don't have official support for any specific use. We can help you with particular calls and try to pinpoint why something might not be working, but if it's a custom integration, it's not officially supported.

03-04-2015 23:09

Hi Kristina - I am looking for a full list of API's that Jama supports - for example there is the 'Rally API' listed above. Is the list above under 'Connectors' the full list ? or are there more ? If there are more could you list them please. I ask because in Jama help it references SOAP API also. We need to have the full list - thanks !

03-04-2015 19:39

Good question, Peter! I'm checking with my Product team and will have a response tomorrow.

03-04-2015 12:56

Jira is now v6.3.15, Is there a connector, which supports this version? The Connector available at Jira Marketplace states for "Jira =< 6.2"