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  • 1.  Requirements Upstream/Downstream

    Posted 01-26-2016 08:23
    We have a number of requirements that have been linked (related) as upstream (dependant on) when they should have been marked as downstream (derived from). Is there a mechanism to bulk edit the relation from upstream and downstream for all the requirements that are incorrect..

  • 2.  Re: Requirements Upstream/Downstream

    Posted 01-26-2016 10:24
    I do not know of any easy way to bulk edit the relationships to reverse the relationship using the web UI. The only way I know is a very tedious method: use coverage explorer or a custom report to export the relationship, bulk delete relationships using a custom velocity template that was shared in this forum, use relationship plug-in to import the reversed file from step 1.

  • 3.  Re: Requirements Upstream/Downstream

    Posted 01-26-2016 15:11
    Hi Alan, that's a good question. At this point there isn't an easy way to merely edit the relationships. If you can manage to get all the requirements visible in the Traceability Matrix, you can double-click a relationship to edit it. That is probably the fastest way to do it in the UI. Aside from that, Swoo's ideas are correct.

  • 4.  RE: Requirements Upstream/Downstream

    Posted 16 days ago
    Edited by Andersen Kohl 16 days ago
    Hi Alan, I recognize your confusion when it comes to the confusion between upstream and downstream. I have quite a lot of experience behind me with programming and similar solutions, so I have a supposed solution to your problem. One way to tackle this is to leverage the power of automation. Most requirement management tools allow for some sort of bulk editing. Check if your tool has a feature to update relationships en masse. If it does, it could save you a ton of manual work.
    In my experience, I once faced a similar mess, and the bulk edit option was a game-changer. It not only saved time but also ensured consistency. However, before you hit that bulk edit button, make sure to double-check the impacted requirements. You wouldn't want to accidentally mess up something else.
    Hope this helps, mate. Keep it simple, keep it automated.

    Andersen Kohl