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Coverage Explorer: Traces & Relationships

  • 1.  Coverage Explorer: Traces & Relationships

    Posted 01-29-2015 16:27
    I wanna see following relations in the coverage report:

    Customer Requirement  - "traced" System Requirements - "traced" Test Cases - "related" Test Run - "related" Test Cycle - "related" Test Case Result

    I got it to display (only a few test data items to display) to see the relationship from Customer Requirements to System Requirements to Test Cases. What I can not see (3rd downstream) are the related Test Runs (they are offfered in the selection menu) and afterwards (for sure) not the Test Cycle and not the Result.

    Beside the fact that after the first downstream the system slows down to an unacceptable performance, how can I get this traceability (down to the test results) to be displayed in the coverage report. I can not tell each tester to get BIRT running, when this functionality is already offered in JAMA, most of them do not have the time and the knowledge to create such reports.

    From my point of view (why I do not see the Test Plans) is the fact that this is not a "down/upstream traceability" from JAMA point of view (Test Case -> Test Run -> Test Cycle), but why is the "Test Run" offered in the selection window (downstream from Test Case), this guides me that JAMA can handle this kind of "relation".

    Can you please provide guidance for that issue? I think this table is very, very useful, when it works as expected and with performance that is in an acceptable range (also when it takes 2 minutes to display the whole chain - but we have it and it can be exported and put into some quick report (to get a full coverage anlysis).

    Best regards

    (Originally posted by Thomas Brandweiner)

  • 2.  Re: Coverage Explorer: Traces & Relationships

    Posted 01-29-2015 16:27
    Thanks for submitting a question. There are quite a few things going on here, so I'm going to start with the most basic issue, and then we can move on from there. As you noted, in Coverage Explorer you can select Test Runs as a downstream item type. However, this assumes that the Test Run has been manually related to the Test Case. Given that Test Runs are connected to their Test Cases it would seem that they are related automatically, however, they're not. You will have to manually relate all of your Test Runs to your Test Cases.
    Depending on how many test runs you have, it might be quite the undertaking to relate all of them to test cases. To accomplish this faster, I would suggest creating a spreadsheet of what needs to be related, and then utilizing the Import Relationships Plugin (">"> After this initial relationship update, you would then have to instruct your testers to relate the test runs to test cases. It's a bit of an undertaking.

    (Originally posted by Kristina King)

  • 3.  RE: Re: Coverage Explorer: Traces & Relationships

    Posted 08-31-2017 01:35
    This post is quite old but I would like to know if there is any new around this topic. Is there anyway to avoid manually linking the test runs to their test cases? In our doc needs we need to add a trace view including test cases and executions, this forces us to manually link every run.
    Any new on this topic is appreciated, thanks.

    Ramon Alonso
    KIRO Grifols

  • 4.  RE: Re: Coverage Explorer: Traces & Relationships

    Posted 08-31-2017 09:21
    Hi Ramon,

    Automatically relating a test run to its test case is still not an option in Jama. Our Product team is doing some user research pertinent to the test center and I know they have seen this feedback. Thanks for bringing it up.

    Kristina King
    Jama Software

  • 5.  RE: Re: Coverage Explorer: Traces & Relationships

    Posted 07-27-2018 11:18
    Hi Kristina -
    In 8.25 the test runs are automatically linked to test cases, but I still don't see test runs in the Coverage Explorer. Am I doing something wrong, or is this expected behavior?


    Fujifilm SonoSite

  • 6.  RE: Re: Coverage Explorer: Traces & Relationships

    Posted 07-27-2018 16:58
    Hi Theresa:

    I'll fill in for Kristina, this is expected behavior. It's only "automatically linked" for the purposes of Trace View and Reviews…there is no actual relationship made.

    Thank you,

    Chloe Elliott
    Business Support Engineer