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user group permissions jama 8.x

  • 1.  user group permissions jama 8.x

    Posted 07-28-2016 14:37
    Per jama documentation in the user guide section migrating existing data.

    ** replace 91:91 with your server's corresponding user:group

    When installing jama there is no account we use except our own personal account or root to perform the install. With Jama running in docker containers is there a user:group we should be using or is there a local account we should be setting up with access to these folders on the CentOS box?

    This statement is a bit unclear with the install process of Jama using docker now.

  • 2.  Re: user group permissions jama 8.x

    Posted 07-28-2016 16:27
    Hey Nick,

    It sounds like we might need to clarify the user guide. From my understanding, if they installed Jama as root, the the files in /data/contour should also be owned by root. Does that answer the question?

  • 3.  Re: user group permissions jama 8.x

    Posted 07-28-2016 17:12
    Yes, but what is the recommended practice then. Should jama be installed under a generic account with sudo rights and not as an individual user then or root is acceptable in this new model?

  • 4.  Re: user group permissions jama 8.x

    Posted 07-29-2016 19:10
    Hi Nick,

    At this time, our recommendation is to install and run Jama as the root user. We do not recommend installing Jama as a different user. Our user guide unfortunately is misleading and inaccurate.

    The permissions for the /data folder actually must be configured with permissions for the user and group 91:91. This is because jamacore runs as a tomcat user with a pre-defined user ID 91.

    Thank you for pointing this out and generating a discussion. I will be updating our guide so that this information is correct and clear.