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Known issues in the Jama 8 Release?

  • 1.  Known issues in the Jama 8 Release?

    Posted 07-04-2016 05:35

    we have started our validation process of Jama 8.1 (Standard channel) and I am looking for a list of known issues. I have only been able to find the lists for releases <= 2015.5 - can you please provide the list for the Jama 8 release?
    The list has been very helpful in the past for our validation process as it helps building confidence as required by regulations.

    Thank you,

  • 2.  Re: Known issues in the Jama 8 Release?

    Posted 07-04-2016 13:25
    Edited by Dana Medhaug 04-26-2017 16:18
    Hi Anna,

    You may be able to find the information you needed in this post:

    Known issues:
    • Your Jama server must be able to access the Internet, at least through a proxy, during the installation process. Air Gap installation is not supported with the initial Standard release. 
    • Customers who have edited files within the Jama .war file in the past will no longer be able to do this. Generally, we are working to support those changes that we know about within Jama, but certain changes will not be possible with the initial release. We plan to address them in subsequent releases: changes to header color to differentiate among different instances of Jama and changes to Tomcat configuration files (such as server.xml).
    I believe it's normal Jama practice to include known issues specific to this release. All the other known bugs that are still not fixed are not released to the general users.

    Hopefully this is helpful to you.

    Good luck with your release validation. Personally there are a few exciting features that I am really looking forward to use (contextual URL's :-)

    Have a great day.


  • 3.  Re: Known issues in the Jama 8 Release?

    Posted 07-04-2016 15:44
    Edited by Dana Medhaug 04-26-2017 16:19
    Thank you, Swoo, I am aware of this thread, but it does not cover what I am after.

    For versions up to 2015.5 there was this thread here:
    I am looking for a similar thread adressing Jama 8 issues.

    To give you (or anyone else who is wondering why we need such a list) a little bit of background: We are a manufacturer of medical device software and are therefore subject to regulations.
    The FDA requires that basically any software that is used in the development of medical software is validated prior to its use. The validation effort can vary a lot, depending on the harm a potential defect in the software tool may cause. In section 6 of this article there is a lot more of the background described:

    This does not mean that we fully need to test Jama (as we wouldn't be able anyway), but we have to take actions that build a sufficient level of confidence here that the tool fulfills our inteded use. Published bug lists are a tool that we value a lot, for a couple of reasons.

    E.g. for releases 2015.2 to 2015.5 we were able to skip the validation process (and remain on 2015.1 until now) as the known issues list contained issues that clearly were show-stoppers for us. And vice-versa: If a list contains only issues that we rate as "acceptable" then we have done a huge step towards the successful validation.

    Hope this gave a little bit of insight into what we - as a company that is subject to regulations - are dealing with every day ;-)


  • 4.  Re: Known issues in the Jama 8 Release?

    Posted 07-04-2016 18:42
    Hi Anna, thanks for explaining your needs. Kristina of Jama will need to address your concerns directly. Jama is on vacation today in observance of US Independence July 4th Holiday. I'm sure someone will get back to you soon. My company actually observes today and tomorrow as holidays :-) Have a good rest of day/evening.


  • 5.  Re: Known issues in the Jama 8 Release?

    Posted 07-05-2016 12:04
    Hi Anna!

    Jama is currently working on our validation package, which will cover some of this material. I'll reach out to you directly to provide further details.

    Looking forward to talking soon.



  • 6.  RE: Re: Known issues in the Jama 8 Release?

    Posted 03-31-2017 02:25
    Hi everyone,

    there was a list for known bugs in Jama 8 raised by users some time ago, now I can not see it. Does the list exist yet?
    I would be interested in known issues for Jama 8.14.




  • 7.  RE: Re: Known issues in the Jama 8 Release?

    Posted 03-31-2017 09:19
    Hi Ekaterina,

    We no longer have this list available, but we're working on a compromise so we can share bugs via the community again.

    Kristina King
    Jama Software