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Cancel "Delete Trace View"

  • 1.  Cancel "Delete Trace View"

    Posted 10-19-2018 18:52
    Edited by Theresa Soares 10-22-2018 11:22
    Update 10/22 - The Trace View does get deleted even though the window doesn't seem to respond. When I review the list of saved Trace Views the one I deleted isn't there.

    ==   Original Message

    Hi -
    When I select the "x" to delete a trace view . . .

    none of the buttons in the resulting window appear to respond - "x", Delete, or Cancel.

    I can get around this by closing the whole browser window.

    Is this a known issue? We are using on-prem version 8.31.0. The buttons work on 8.25.3.


    Fujifilm SonoSite
    WA United States

  • 2.  RE: Cancel "Delete Trace View"

    Posted 10-22-2018 13:27

    Good the hear from you! I looked to see if this was a known issue we are currently dealing with, and I could not find anything in our records. I also attempted to recreate this in my own test instance and was not able to recreate what you are reporting. I am wondering if this might be a browser issue, seems like the view is in fact getting deleted but, the UI is getting "stuck" for some reason. These type of hiccups usually tend to be browser related. Could you do a clearing of the browser history and cookies and then revisit this functionality in the Trace View?

    Theresa, let me know if this clears it up for you. If not, perhaps we will need to take a closer look.


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software