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Rest API for SyncedItems in Jama 8.4.2

  • 1.  Rest API for SyncedItems in Jama 8.4.2

    Posted 05-08-2017 04:11
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    We moved to Jama 8.4 from 4.5 recently.
    We are using REST API calls for retrieving Synceditems in a customized script.
    Now we notice that the application only retrieves 20 items max, whereas there are more than 20 items to be retrieved.
    We would like to know if there are any changes made to Rest API for SyncedItems in version 8.4 as compared to version 4.5
    Please find the screenshot attached for reference.
    We would also like to understand, if there is a way to set the max parameter globally so that we do not have to modify our script.

    Rajmohan Rajeswaran Project Lead
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  • 2.  RE: Rest API for SyncedItems in Jama 8.4.2

    Posted 05-09-2017 09:40
    In 4.5 the REST API was not yet in beta. Prior to providing a subset of customers access to our v1 beta in Jama 2014.2, we implemented pagination as a best practice to protect the server from large requests. REST API Documentation
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    REST API Documentation
    The Jama REST API has been designed to provide developers with a clean and straightforward experience for integrating with Jama.
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    Steve Gotsch
    Product Manager
    Jama Software