• 1.  How to export ReqIF for exchange purpose without GUI

    Posted 10-26-2021 16:49
    I'm trying to use Jama Data Exchange to export Jama's item set to ReqIF to achieve Simulink Requirements and Jama integration. I want to run Jama Data Exchange without a GUI to automate the process, but I get the following error message on the console and no ReqIF is output.
    [main] ERROR c.j.d.utilities.XHTMLUtil - Failed to parse xml.D:\JamaDataExchange\DX-Meta Data - DO NOT DELETE\originalReqIFContent.reqif (The system cannot find the path specified)
    [main] ERROR c.j.d.utilities.XHTMLUtil - Method)
    [main] ERROR c.j.data_exchange.CommandLineManager - unable to parse original ReqIF
    II can use Jama Data Exchange with GUI to output ReqIF, but that doesn't allow me to automate the process.

    The contents of the file given to Jama Data Exchange are as follows.
    # Connection Settings
                jamaURL=<<JAMA CONNECT SERVER URL>>
                username=<<MY USER NAME>>
                password=<<MY PASSWORD>>
    # Tool Configuration
    # Import/Export common settings
    # Export specific settings
    I attached debug logs made by JAMA Data Exchange and mapping file renamed from MBD-TF-ReqIF-Mapping-MODEL_DESIGN.json to upload.

    I know that I can output ReqIF if I specify isExchange=false in the file, but I'm assuming a round trip, so I have to set isExchange=true.

    Please help me!

    Masaru Kawashima


  • 2.  RE: How to export ReqIF for exchange purpose without GUI

    Posted 10-27-2021 14:43
    Hello Masaru,

    Thank you for your post. Yes, this can be done. You will need to be using the latest version of Data Exchange 3.6.1  There is a section in the Data Exchange user guide that explains how to run the tool in this mode, and an example properties file for setup. The only operation that requires the GUI is mapping file creation.

    Amanda Jennewein She/Her
    Manager, Customer Support
    Jama Software
    Portland OR

  • 3.  RE: How to export ReqIF for exchange purpose without GUI

    Posted 10-27-2021 19:48
    Hi Amanda,

    In the consoleoutput.txt (the 1st line):
    08:42 [main] INFO  main.Main - Data Exchange Version: 3.6.1

    Yes, I'm using the latest version of Data Exchange 3.6.1.
    I know the Data Exchange User Guide.

    Yes, in the User Guide, there's an image of, but it isn't a usable example.
    I need descriptions for each lines in the propertiy file.  And, I want to know the reason why I'm encountering the error.  What's wrong with my property file?

    I'm waiting for further replies.


    Masaru Kawashima