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Release Drop Down List across Multiple Projects

  • 1.  Release Drop Down List across Multiple Projects

    Posted 06-07-2018 07:57
    I have multiple Projects in JAMA, and some of these Projects (components) are part of the bigger platform.  Each Project/MicroService will have their own Version number, so each component/project has their own release number but they are part of a larger platform release (Marketing Released Version).

    I want to know what work items are in each component/project, so I need a drop down list that I can select on the work item(s) that is common across each component.

    I cannot use Release Number as these are only available on each project
    I cannot use Tags as Tags are not shared across projects
    I don't want to create a new field (item type) as some components/projects in my solution are not part of the bigger platform.

    Has anybody got any suggestions for solving this?

    Andrew Knight

  • 2.  RE: Release Drop Down List across Multiple Projects

    Posted 06-12-2018 16:23

    Hi Andrew,

    I believe you might be able to accomplish the task at hand by creating an Advanced filter. Please consult the resources below for more information.

    Advanced filters

    Leveraging Filters - Jama Software Community

    Getro Naissance
    Jama Software