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Export to Word / Formatting

  • 1.  Export to Word / Formatting

    Posted 07-11-2018 03:17
    Hi all,
    when exporting a set of requirement to Word I encounter the following problems:
    1. JAMA inserts a blank line after the requirements description. I know this is intended behavior, is there a way to supress the insertion?
    2. Although the description is generated with the "Standard" boilerplate, each paragraph of a description (including each bullet point of a list and the blank line at the end) is shown in the navigation pane:

      Requirement with empty description
      When exporting to PDF, the navigation structure is adopted (without the blank lines, these are opted out by the PDF viewer, I guess).
      If I select a paragraph, Word shows me that it has the "Standard" boilerplate. However, when clicking on the "Standard" boilerplate, the text does not change (no actual boilerplate change for the paragraph) but the paragraph disappears from the navigation pane as it should normally be.
      How can I change this behavior, so that normal text ("Standard") does not generate a marker for the navigation?

    Best regards,


    Jan Kastning
    System Engineer
    Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe GmbH

  • 2.  RE: Export to Word / Formatting

    Posted 07-17-2018 16:27

    So sorry it took me awhile to reply to you! I have been researching your questions.

    1. I have been searching the Community for other concerns similar to your's and how this has been best addressed. Just so you know, this is something people have had concerns about, so you aren't the only one. One workaround I saw is to code a VBA macro into Word instructing it to rid the document of the extra blank lines.

    2. I tried to recreate this behavior and could only get it to download a PDF version with the "markers" when I had the Markup settings all set to show in the Navigational panel. I am not qualified to officially support for Microsoft but, I am hoping that this might lead you in a good direction.

    Chloe Elliott
    Business Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Export to Word / Formatting

    Posted 07-18-2018 01:19

    perhaps try to set the "outline level" for paragraps  in word to a smaller number. e.g 4 worked for me.

    Best regards, René W.


  • 4.  RE: Export to Word / Formatting

    Posted 07-24-2018 06:44
    no problem, these are not super urgent issues. Thanks for the VBA tip, did'nt think of that, yet. I am not sure, that Word causes this behavior, as Trent said: The outline structure is defined by the Jama exporter, as this is not a typical feature of the mergefields (to my knowledge).

    this doesn't work for me. Outline level 4 is the lowest possible level Jama excepts (based on my exported structure). Lower levels will also result in outline level 4, higher levels stay (e.g. if I set level 7, Jama does not "correct" it to 4, it stays 7)

    thanks for the link! The workaround is a great approach. Additionily fyi: To avoid the losing of text formatting and lists (I have quite a lot) you mark all the text, as described in your link, and simply right-click -> paragraph options & set the outline level back to "body text".​​​

    Jan Kastning
    System Engineer
    Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe GmbH

  • 5.  RE: Export to Word / Formatting

    Posted 07-18-2018 10:58
    Hi Jan,

    Exporting from Jama to MS Word has a number of quirks, and we've experienced both of the issues you mention.  For the issue of the Description field contents showing up in the navigation pane, this is due to a bug in Jama that sets all Description field content to outline level 4 regardless of the outline level set in the style (boilerplate).  Check out the following Jama community thread for a relatively easy way to post-process the document (similar to re-asserting the style like you did, except across the entire document all at once): Word export and outline levels

    Good luck!

    Plexus Corp (On-Premise)