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Where to an attachment's "name" and "description" come into play?

  • 1.  Where to an attachment's "name" and "description" come into play?

    Posted 06-26-2020 02:39
    we would like to increase the utilization of adding attachments to Testruns, to have the Objective Evidence we create during our tests, together with our test results.
    The type of OE we create are usually screenshots and short video sequences. We plan to attach the images directly to the teststep it belongs to, but for the video sequences this is not possible. So we plan to attach them to the "Attachments" section of the Test run.
    When uploading an attachment we have the possiblilty to add a name (mandatory) and a description to the file. To associate the files to certain teststeps we considered to add e.g. the test step number to the "name" field of the attachment dialog.
    Unfortunately neither name nor description is displayed in the items the attachment is added to. So where is that information used?
    I found that the name of the attachment is displayed in the "Attachments" Tab of the project configuration, but as there is no association to which item the attachment belongs to, this information is also not very valuable there.
    Can you please clarify how name and description of an attachment are utilized within Jama and if we have any other option to associate non-image-attachments to certain teststeps without renaming every attachment to something that we can associate with?
    Thank you,

    Anna Henke
    MeVis BreastCare GmbH & Co. KG

  • 2.  RE: Where to an attachment's "name" and "description" come into play?

    Posted 06-26-2020 09:24
    Edited by Chloe 06-26-2020 09:24

    Tested this just to get some visibility on this situation. It would seem that the naming convention for the Attachments only show up, for the most part, in the Project config area and not in the UI of the item and not in the Test Run. This doesn't make it (attachment names) very useful for you in this instance. There isn't any current way to toggle this either. I am guessing that the naming of attachments was originally designed to help users pick the right attachment in the Project Config area. We have been increasing the scope with the application of attachments, and so your question is very valid.

    Anna, would you consider making an Idea Card for this?


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software
    Portland OR