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Accessing attachments with no file

  • 1.  Accessing attachments with no file

    Posted 11-13-2019 00:05

    During some tests with Rest API, I've created attachments without a file assigned to them. I have now lost their IDs and they do not appear in the Attachments tab of the project (including when the 'Show All' checkbox is checked).

    Is there a way of retrieving/deleting those? They were definitely created because I received the ID back and could inspect them with GET methods (but as I said those previous IDs are now gone).

    Thank you,

  • 2.  RE: Accessing attachments with no file

    Posted 03-10-2020 07:15
    Bumping this up as we still are looking for a solution.

    Also adding a question of whether mass-removal of attachments is possible (other than via Rest)? Currently removing unattached attachments requires clicking each one individually and selecting 'Delete' - not even CTRL/Shift selecting works in the UI.

    Kamil Cupial

  • 3.  RE: Accessing attachments with no file

    Posted 03-10-2020 10:18
    Hi Kamil:

    To find these attachments, try using the GET abstractitems endpoint: 

    Fill in the created date field for the day they created the attachment items, and add the attachment item type (22 for attachments) to the item type field. This picture I posted is from using our REST documentation tool: Swaggar.


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software
    Portland OR