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Track "Today" in filters

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  • 1.  Track "Today" in filters

    Posted 01-19-2017 13:55
    Is it possible to track "Today" in a date filter?

    For example, I want to find all items with dates before today. Alternately, I'd like to find items with dates two weeks from today.

    I'm aware that there is a "within <some timeframe>" option but I would instead like to key off of the current date with results prior to or in some timeframe in the future.


  • 2.  RE: Track "Today" in filters
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    Posted 01-19-2017 16:40
    Hi DeAnn,

    Welcome to the community! There is no supported way of doing this. As you've noticed there isn't the option in filters that you're looking for. Other customers at times have success with more complex queries in the search box, but we don't support everything that ElasticSearch is capable of, and everything we do support is listed in the User Guide. So unfortunately that means any date/time parameters that you might find ElasticSearch capable of, aren't supported in Jama. (But I'm also not sure if it allows for such context-sensitive parameters.)

    Kristina King
    Jama Software