new req type with "variable" field

  • 1.  new req type with "variable" field

    Posted 8 days ago
    I have a request from the engineers in a jama project, where they want to add one or multiple of a particular item field. For instance, X-Text, and X-hyperlink. But each requirement can have [0, many] of these text/hyperlinks combos.

    I have not found a way to define an object type to have a variable number of fields, and I don't want to add, say 5 of these, just to add more later on, so I wanted to ask here. If there isn't a way to add a variable field, my suggestion to that team would be, to add an X-component, like a glossary, acronyms, where I can add all the X-fields they want, and add a relationship-type, where a requirement can be "X-related" to as many of these X-fields as possible. Does anyone have a better idea?


    alejandro gastelum