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Hiding Fields

  • 1.  Hiding Fields

    Posted 04-11-2019 03:31

    I have a Test Object.  I need a way of hiding fields from a particular view.  I know if I go into the admin section I can select the object type and then click on 'Views'

    My problem is that I can only change the view of the following:

     - Projects List View
     - Projects List View with Mixed Item Types
     - Projects Reading View
     - Review Center Single Item View
     - Review Center Reading View

    What appears to be missing is how to configure the main view.  that is the view you see when you click on a single object?

    Is this possible?




  • 2.  RE: Hiding Fields

    Posted 04-11-2019 18:12

    Configuring the single item view is not an option at present. See: Configure views from the User Guide. I had to double check, it would appear that the only single item view available for reconfiguration is the Review Center Single View.

    In order to take a field out of the Single view, you would have to configure the item itself to not have that field at all. I am guessing that you want to have the field available on the item just not visible to a specified audience specifically in the Single item view? This doesn't seem possible without taking the field out of the item completely.

    Side note, I am super curious about your business need for this functionality?


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software
    Portland OR