Processes running without valid users

  • 1.  Processes running without valid users

    Posted 03-24-2017 07:50
    Edited by Frank Falcone 03-24-2017 08:57
    I am migrating to Jama 8.10.2 for the 2015.5 version. This is requiring us to change platforms. We are moving to Redhat 7 VMs for deployment of the upgrade.

    The installation seems to have completed successfully, but my IT department reports issues with thier monitoring system regarding active pids (91,104) without valid users. Restart of the VM didn't clear issue. 

    I'm not really sure which step of the installation, if any, would have created the additional users Jama would run processes under.

    I put in a support ticket, but Jama Tech Support doesn't seem to be aware of this problem.

    Has anyone else encountered this?

    Frank Falcone
    Sirius XM Radio
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