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Bar chart not displaying the data correctly

  • 1.  Bar chart not displaying the data correctly

    Posted 07-13-2018 15:23
    Has anybody seeing the following problem?

    A bar chart is not displaying correctly all the data. I am trying to display "Requirements" by "Capability Areas", and not all the Capability Areas are displayed. However, the Capability Area are correctly associated to the Requirements, when checking Requirements individually.
    Here is what I tried:

    1. Bulk import (Excel file) of the requirements with the mapped capability areas. Result: Not all the capability areas were displayed on the bar chart. However, the data was there.
    2. Deleted everything and started over.
    3. Split the data in several Excel files for each Capability Area and started importing one file at a time. I imported successfully 2/3 of the files. Then after importing one new file, that particular Capability Area did not show in the bar chart (but again the data was correctly associated to the requirements). Not only the latest Capability Area did not show on the bar chart, but other Capability Areas (previously displaying) started not to display on the bar Chart.

    Has anybody seen anything like that? Is this a rendering problem of the filter? Is there a limit for the items to be displayed? I believe I'm using JAMA version 8.20-OP. Year 2017.


  • 2.  RE: Bar chart not displaying the data correctly

    Posted 07-18-2018 15:46
    Hi Francesca,
    Are you attempting to display Pick List values in the bar chart? I ask because there is a known defect (SOS-DEF-1075) which occurs if more than 20 different Pick List values are displayed in a widget bar or pie chart some elements will not be displayed. Could you post a screenshot of the widget? Thank you.

    Dana Medhaug
    Technical Support Engineer
    Jama Software