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REST / Api

  • 1.  REST / Api

    Posted 09-03-2018 10:40


    I'm trying to build my knowledge of the REST API.

    I've managed to get JSON data back using a simple C# App.  The bit I'm struggling with is trying to extract individual values from the JSON output.

    For example using this:

    GET /tags/{id}/items

    I'd like to simply extract the TotalCount value.  Can anyone offer a suggestion as to how I can accomplish this please (in C# would be appreciated)



    Andy w

  • 2.  RE: REST / Api

    Posted 09-04-2018 10:39

    Glad you are utilizing our REST API to automate your Jama UI. I have found a few resources for you.

    You asked specifically about the TotalCount value: Id like to direct you to this educational video on our REST API. (look specifically at about 44minutes in but, the whole video is worth a watch!).

    You asked specifically about C#, here is a link to our GitHub Repo with Rest References in C#. This part of the full Jama Repo has Basic Auth, Pagination, Searching and Update Item examples. In our full REST-References repo there are C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby references.

    Here is a link to our REST API documentation: Developers | Jama Software

    I hope this helps!


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software