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Review Center Status

  • 1.  Review Center Status

    Posted 07-20-2018 11:25
    What are the different functions in the Review Center Status for the following:

    Close review (i.e. completed) vs. Mark Review Finalized vs. Archive

    Are all three status visible to approvers (after the moderator moves the status)?
    Can comments be added in each status?
    Can each status be re-opened?

    If so, what is the best practice workflow?

    Elizabeth - Alight Solutions

  • 2.  RE: Review Center Status

    Posted 07-20-2018 14:36

    Close Review -The review status automatically becomes "Closed" when the review deadline is reached or when a review administrator or moderator closes a review. At this point no one else can comment/approve/reject etc. And yes, you can recover it, to open it back up after you close it.

    Mark Review Finalized - This triggers the Review Workflow, you can use either Review's Workflow or Project Workflow here. Note: you cannot use both. You have to decide, for the whole project, if you want to use the Review Workflow or the Project Workflow. I suggest you use the Project Workflow, it offers more options. Also, you might not want ALL of the work in the project to be required to go through the Review Center in order to complete the work cycle. 
    Only moderators can trigger a review workflow, but an organization administrator must first configure the reviews workflow.
    Archive - Hides the review from the Table and Grid views.

    There are more statuses you didn't ask about, here is more information about them in the User Guide.

    Hope this helps!

    Chloe Elliott
    Business Support Engineer