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  • 1.  Jama Integration Hub - Epics?

    Posted 06-16-2017 16:42
    Edited by Dana Medhaug 06-27-2017 16:29
    I am having trouble attribute mapping the required fields for epics in Jama Software/Jira.  I've used the name in Jama Software Epic to map to ​​Epic Name in Jira, but I can't get the Summary field to map correctly.  I created a custom text field on my Epics in Jama Software, and mapped that to the summary field in Jira, but it is still saying that "summary field is required".  Has anyone else out there had success mapping Epics between Jama Software/Jira using the Jama Software Integration Hub?

    Beth Williams
    Kennewick WA

  • 2.  RE: Jama Integration Hub - Epics?

    Posted 06-19-2017 07:01
    Edited by Dana Medhaug 06-27-2017 16:31
    Hi, Beth.

    We don't explicitly synchronize Epic <==> Epic, but we *are* synchronizing a Jama Software custom requirement type into JIRA Epics (Jama Software 2015.5, JIH 4.8.5).

    In our case, we're mapping:

    Jama Software Name (internal field name "$summary") <==>  JIRA Summary (internal field name "summary)
    Jama Software Name (internal field name "$summary") ==> JIRA Epic Name (internal field name "customfield_11371")

    (We only write the JIRA Epic Name once, on item initialization, to permit the JIRA-side users to further customize the Epic name in JIRA without being subsequently overridden again by Jama Software)

    Can you clarify the type parameters of the custom text field in Jama Software that you're trying to map into the JIRA Summary field? At the very least, it might need to be a plain text field, rather than a rich text field.

    Ryan Dill

  • 3.  RE: Jama Integration Hub - Epics?

    Posted 25 days ago
    Edited by Martins S 25 days ago
    Hi Beth, I can understand your worries about integrating Jama Software and Jira. Matching fields can be a real challenge, but I hope you find what I'm about to share helpful. I have worked with Jama Integration Hub for a long, long time, and your problem sounds familiar to me.
    Here's a trick I picked up: instead of the custom text field route, try using a default Jama field that aligns better with Jira's Summary. I usually go for the "Description" field in Jama when dealing with Jira's Summary. It's not textbook, but it often does the trick.
    Also, make sure your field types match up – a text field in Jama should map to a text field in Jira. If you've double-checked all that and still no dice, a cheeky workaround is creating a dummy Summary field in Jama, mapping that, and ignoring it in Jira.
    Hang in there, Beth. Integration headaches are universal, but we'll get you through this. 

    Martins S