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  • 1.  Test Runs: Automatically inherit upstream relationships

    Posted 01-11-2018 06:52
    Is there a way, when creating Test Runs to automatically have that Test Run inherit the upstream relationships based off of the Test Case?
    Our goal is, when we complete a Test Run we export the results to a Word doc. This doc shows each test case, if it passed or failed, but we would also like for them to display the upstream relationship in that test results document. 

    The only way I found to have that is to actually relate that specific test run to the corresponding test case in Jama. This proves cumbersome when there is several hundred test runs and we have to relate each run back to the test case it is based off of.
    I know custom word docs are a bit basic, would BIRT or Velocity help us achieve this goal if it can't automatically be done through the UI?

    Neenah WI

  • 2.  RE: Test Runs: Automatically inherit upstream relationships

    Posted 01-12-2018 04:06
    Hi Josh,

    Test cases and test runs do not relate to each other automatically. However, relationships in Jama can be created in different ways:

    - Individually, via the relationships widget in the single item view.
    - Many-to-many or many-to-one, from the List View > Actions > Relate to Existing.
    - In batches no larger than 250 at a time, via a relationships import for which the Relationships Plugin needs to be configured.

    To create multiple relationships between test cases and test runs you can use the latter option. You can find here instructions on how to configure the Relationships Plugin.

    I hope that helps!

    Carmen Santos
    Jama Software

  • 3.  RE: Test Runs: Automatically inherit upstream relationships

    Posted 15 days ago
    Edited by Barbara Haglind 15 days ago
    Regarding the response that Josh had been given:  
    • VER or VAL items have an UPSTREAM RELATIONSHIIP item in the DefaultWordTemplate.doc
      • I have verified I can output these nicely in an export template for the VER or VAL item (frequently called "Test Case" which is confusing because there are Test Cases below the Test Plan in the Test section as well as a "testCase" item in the TSTRN set in the DefaultWordTemplate.doc
    • Test Run items have an UPSTREAM RELATIONSHIP item in the DefaultWordTemplate.doc
      • Yes, these are NOT the same as the VER <> REQUIREMENT relationship, but instead must be manually created and are not inherited through the TSTRN field called testCase  (which incidentally is the name of the VER item that was test run (confusing).
      • Although each TSTRN of a specific VER item references back to that item, it is unable to reference back to the requirements relationship in the VER item
      • And each TSTRN must be individually linked (manually or automatically) to the requirements it is testing.
        • Which could lead to inaccuracies.
        • The flip side is as VER items change during testing + regression they may indeed be modified to test different requirements - but that is complex to track and validate.
        • It would seem much simpler to inherit the VER upstream relationship for every TSTRN that tests that VER.
    • In medical devices my approved protocols and my test run reports really do need to look very similar.  This creates a rather large manual opportunity to spend a lot of extra time linking as well as auditing to ensure it is correct.  Isn't JAMA supposed to help make things easier?

    What does the community think?

    Bj Haglind
    Vicarious Surgical
    Waltham MA

  • 4.  RE: Test Runs: Automatically inherit upstream relationships

    Posted 3 days ago
    A test run has a built-in "relation" (not "Relationship") to its test case (as well as to its cycle and test plan).
    This relation is available in the GUI, and is available in the Rest API, so I expect it is available through a Velocity report (someone with Velocity knowledge should confirm this).

    Geoffrey Clemm
    Jama Software

  • 5.  RE: Test Runs: Automatically inherit upstream relationships

    Posted 2 days ago
    Yet, it would be very user friendly to have this tracing available to Jama Connect users who are not velocity reporting.

    Working with the Word Default templates show that unless you manually related each separate test case to its requirements (which are already linked to the protocol in explorer that was used to create the test runs), you cannot see them using UPSTREAMRELATIONSHIPS.  

    Curiously though, the test run status is available when tracing DOWN from the requirements > test protocol (in Explorer) > test run (in the test plan/case/run).

    Given that I can trace from requirement to test protocol to test run, I would have expected UPSTREAMRELATIONSHIP to display the test protocol and allow access to the upstream requirement without a lot of extra effort.

    Instead, I observe that the only way using UPSTREAMRELATIONSHIPS is to manually relate each test run to a requirement.

    It isn't about relations, it is about relationships particularly those that it would seem logical to access because the test run knows what test protocol (in Explorer) is used to create the test run, and we can trace downstream to test runs, but apparently not upstream to requirements.  A pity.

    Bj Haglind