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Math Symbols, Images, Word-Import

  • 1.  Math Symbols, Images, Word-Import

    Posted 08-29-2017 06:57
    Hi all!
    we are want to start our first Jama-Project in a few weeks.
    Actually we have a few documents that we want to import in Jama (Jama Version 4.0).
    All Documents has the Word-Format of .docx or .doc

    now i have a few design Problems.

    At first a few documents includes some math symbols (Word Forumlar-Editor). These symbols are not supported in Jama and it will be added as a Image (if you import the Word-File). Is there a usefull solution that allowes to write math-symbols or functions in Jama when you edit a Item? Pasting the Word-Text into the Jama-Item is not working.
    Well its not only a import Problem. It is a main Problem when we want to switch fully into Jama.

    The second Problem is the usability of orginal pirctures/images.
    If we import some Images from Word it resize it. So after we export it again with a template a second manually resize is need to be done.
    Is there a best practice to handle pictures? or something simliar?

    Well i hope you guys could help me, that would be great!

    Thanks a lot!!

    - D -

  • 2.  RE: Math Symbols, Images, Word-Import

    Posted 08-29-2017 12:55
    Good news and good timing! As of 8.20, we will have a plug-in to Jama that allows you to create math symbols and functions through a company called WIRIS. Look forward to more information when we publish the release notes for our upcoming release.

    Jess Stetson
    Product Marketing Manager
    Jama Software