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Task Top VSO

  • 1.  Task Top VSO

    Posted 09-12-2017 08:05
    I currently have multiple Projects in JAMA and multiple Projects in Visual Studio online synchronised through a TaskTop integration hub.

    There is a desire within our business for these individual projects to be collapsed into a single project, with multiple collections inside each project.  In our hosted JAMA collection we have a 'Global' ID which will not change when we migrate it across projects.  In VSO we have an ID that will not change when we change it from one project collection to another.

    The reason for this post for support is what happens to the existing integrations when these work items are migrated in VSO/JAMA.

    Is the sync maintained in TaskTop?  (We do not want to create new work items in the two projects and we want to keep them in sync.

    I am assuming this has been done before and hope that the community have had some experience of this.

    Andrew Knight

  • 2.  RE: Task Top VSO

    Posted 09-12-2017 15:29
    Hello Andrew,

    On February 2016, we announced that Jama customers can now receive TIH/JIH support directly from Tasktop. What this means is that you can now receive JIH/TIH support from Tasktop experts. You can read this community article for more details. Posting Tasktop questions on the Community is still encouraged as some Community members do have extensive knowledge on the subject.

    To engage their support, simply send your JIH/TIH questions/problems directly to

    Let us know if you have any questions about this change.

    Dana Medhaug
    Technical Support Engineer
    Jama Software