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Ability to determine Jama version via REST?

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  • 1.  Ability to determine Jama version via REST?

    Posted 02-13-2017 13:25

    Does the REST API offer any method to determine the Jama version?  I ask because we have ~6 instances of Jama for Production purposes and each Production instance is backed by at least one pre-production instance.  The versions on those instances can sometimes get out of sync, and today we have some pre-production instances on 2015.1 and some production instances on 8.4.1 while others are 8.4.2.  However, for all instances, the REST API is always .../rest/latest/....  As the REST API improves and evolves over different versions, it would be helpful to know what version the automation using REST is communicating with in order to take optimal advantage of the available calls.  For example, if we end up with a mix of 8.4, 8.10, and 8.14, it would be helpful to know that user groups cannot be created in 8.4, and that the PATCH endpoint and Read Only field updates are not available in 8.10.

    I did not see anything in our current (8.4.1) REST calls or in the response headers that would help determine the Jama version, but would be happy to be corrected on this if I missed it.


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    Posted 02-14-2017 12:37
    Hi Mike,

    I didn't find any easy way to get the Jama version is via REST in 8.10 either, using a specific API call or just looking at the headers.

    A GET request to /rest/ will contain Jama's build date:

    {"meta":{"status":"OK","timestamp":"2017-02-14T20:28:35.249+0000"},"data":{"buildDate":"2017-02-01T13:37:00.000+0000","apiVersions":[{"description":"initial REST API product","uriSegment":"v1"},{"description":"latest API version: initial REST API product (v1)","uriSegment":"latest"}]}}

    Which will change with each version of Jama. 

    It's not a great solution (for obvious reasons), but I'd be tempted to do a GET request for Jama's login page and scrape the version number off that.

    Jason Short
    Jama Software

  • 3.  RE: Ability to determine Jama version via REST?

    Posted 02-14-2017 14:51
    Thanks Jason,

    Grabbing the version off the login page seems like a reasonable solution, especially if the class name "j-login-version-number" remains consistent across versions.  I hadn't thought of that and appreciate the suggestion.


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  • 4.  RE: Ability to determine Jama version via REST?

    Posted 03-14-2017 12:33
    It would be really handy for us if there was a way to get the actual Jama version and other system information from REST. I'm thinking things like the organisation, the login page banner text etc

    Tim Kerby
    Principal Systems Engineer
    Analog Devices