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test configurations

  • 1.  test configurations

    Posted 05-28-2019 05:56
    How do verifications get linked to test configuration, would like to use this feature to subdivide testing efforts.

    Our verifications are a set of everything the product does. We do releases based on a sub-setup of of those verifications and we need to track executions and upstream tracing for on the subset. Looking for ideas on how to filter.

    Margot Sevigny-martin
    Rapid Micro Biosystems
    Lowell MA

  • 2.  RE: test configurations

    Posted 05-28-2019 11:17
    Edited by Chloe Elliott 05-28-2019 12:29

    You can create relationships between your verifications directly to the Test Cases you make within the Test Center. You can use any item-type as a Test Case.

    Sounds like you use Product Features as the subject matter for your Verifications, and then you bubble up subsets of those verifications in the form of a release. I would suggest looking into using unique Test Cases for each of the verifications, especially if you are wanting to preserve the information within the Test Runs which calculate the Test Case status.

    Margot, once you figure out your workflow here, you can use our Advanced Filters and/or our Community Reports to capture the processes you need to track. Depending on how you decide to set up your Relationship Rules, you will be able to have some insight into the upstream and downstream relationships by utilizing our Traceview and/or Coverage Explorer.

    Many options, sounds like you have some interesting problems to solve.


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software
    Portland OR