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Project size

  • 1.  Project size

    Posted 02-04-2020 13:09
    ​​My project has about 6,000 requirements items & validation items, 9.000 verification items, and growing all the time.  Should I be concerned about performance of Jama as the size grows and we add more users?  If it is a problem do I go to multiple projects?  And if I go to multiple projects what is the downside of that?

    Art Stone

  • 2.  RE: Project size

    Posted 02-05-2020 07:26

    Great questions, a lot of performance depends on multiple contributing factors. Have you seen this Community article one of our top Jama consultants put together: Jama Performance In Enterprise Recommendations for System Administrators. Preston talks about this at length, gives good advice on how to manage performance and provides actual use cases, by feature, to take into consideration when configuring and/or troubleshooting your instance of Jama Connect.

    As far as dividing up your growing project into multiple projects, it would require some thought and attention in how you want to organize your team/goals around this. But this has been a common practice, I have seen, as teams scale up. Because of our ability to have traceability across projects it would be very possible to break down your requirements and validations items by subject and/or type (or however you want to break them down) into separate projects.

    Art, let me know what you think!


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software
    Portland OR