Content Error on Roundtrip Export

  • 1.  Content Error on Roundtrip Export

    Posted 05-30-2019 09:49

    I am performing an export for round trip using the supplied Office "Excel Report for Roundtrip" template.  I am prompted to open the excel file, but when I do, I receive this message:
    Excel format error
    When I click "Yes", I then receive this:

    I click "Yes" to that, I receive the first "file format" error a few more times, and then the xls file opens but shows this:

    The resulting spreadsheet is usable, and all data seems to be present.  It also seems to be valid for import.  However, it's missing any value lists for things like "Status".

    Any idea what the problem may be?  Is there possibly some incompatibility between my Office template and my version of Excel?

    My JAMA version is:

    Version: 2015.5
    Build date: 2016/01/29 15:50

    My Excel version is:

    Thanks!  I did find a similar post here, but there was no conclusion.

    Brian Frederickson
    Simi Valley CA