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Export Template Files

  • 1.  Export Template Files

    Posted 07-01-2020 11:09
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    Sebastian Morton

  • 2.  RE: Export Template Files

    Posted 07-01-2020 11:49
    Hi Sebastian!

    I'm going to answer your question in a roundabout way. It really depends on what kind of report you're ultimately trying to make, but here are a few resources to get you started.

    The easiest way to make reports is with a Word Template. Here is a good article that covers how to make these

    If that is too limited for your needs, this article goes over which type of report might be the best for what you're trying to do and includes some further reading on starting those.

    In terms of getting access to already made .vm files and using those as a starting point, you can access all of those that are already on your instance by logging in as the root user and navigating to the 'Reports' tab. From there you will see a list of your reports. Scroll to the report you'd like the .vm for and click 'Edit File' on the far right. In the window that pops up, you will get the raw code. I usually copy and paste it into a code editor as a new .vm file and go from there.

    We also have some additional reports we've shared on our GitHub that you can have access to. Maybe one of them will cover what you are looking for or serve as a good starter?  Here is an article about some, but not all, of them:

    And here is a link to that GitHub repo with all the additional reports:

    I hope this helps!

    Katlin Anderson
    Jama Software