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Background Work Progress

  • 1.  Background Work Progress

    Posted 04-15-2019 12:19
    Lately (past few weeks), I've been seeing Background Work Progress dialogs in the upper right-hand corner of my screen after logging in to Jama. This is fairly frequently. Could this be a hung task or maybe some background housekeeping going on? I'm on Cloud.

    Steve Kay
    Hologic - Breast Health

  • 2.  RE: Background Work Progress

    Posted 04-17-2019 13:26
    Edited by Chloe Elliott 04-17-2019 13:27

    Yes, you will see this little dialog box whenever one of your users are downloading a report or doing any function which requires back and forth with the Cloud server. Perfectly normal depending on your user activity.

    But, let our support team know if this message seems to hang there, it could be a failed background job and we would have to look at clearing the cache which is holding on to that job.


    Chloe Elliott
    Jama Software
    Portland OR