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Confusing 'Finish Review' Button

  • 1.  Confusing 'Finish Review' Button

    Posted 08-21-2017 09:43
    In the Jama Center, finishing a review, the user approves and signs the review.
    A button on upper right hand corner appears, called Finish Review.
    If they press it, a warning appears:

    Finish Review Button Pressed
    We do not want to reopen the review... we want to finish the review...


  • 2.  RE: Confusing 'Finish Review' Button

    Posted 08-22-2017 14:28

    Hi Ken,

    I've noticed that this occurs when users have already approved and signed a review; the Finish button doesn't go away, although you expect it would. If the user exits that review (by selecting Reviews at the top of Jama) and then goes back into it, does the banner disappear?

    If that's the case, I suspect this is a bug and will file it as such.

    If you notice that Finish banner remains, let me know and I'll continue my attempts to reproduce this. I'd like to know a few things:
    -Does this happen to all users?
    --If not, what roles do the users have in the review? (Moderator, Reviewer, Approver, or a combination of those)

    Kristina King
    Jama Software