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  • 1.  Automating conversion of Jama Item Type

    Posted 14 days ago

    I have around 3000+ items that were synced from the legacy project and they are of "System Requirement" type for System Requirements, "Software Requirement" type for Software Requirements, and we have trace relationships between system and software requirements which we want to carry over after conversion, we want to convert all these item types to "Requirement" item type possibly using some API to automate the process.
    here is 1 example -
    The global ID of System Requirement ABC-SysReq-1111
    The global ID of Software Requirement is ABC-SwReq-2222
    The global ID of another Software Requirement is ABC-SwReq-3333

    Both these Software Requirements have a trace relationship to system requirement ABC-SysReq-1111

    what we want to do is to convert all these 3 Requirements to type "Requirement" so their IDs could be like-
    System Requirement ABC-SysReq-1111 may become ABC-REQ-4444
    Software requirement ABC-SwReq-2222 may become ABC-REQ-5555
    Software requirement ABC-SwReq-3333 may become ABC-REQ-6666
    But they still maintain the trace relationship between software and system requirement

    We don't care for the sync relationship with the legacy project if it breaks.
    Thanks in advance!

    Praveen Kumar
    Collins Aerospace
    Melbourne FL

  • 2.  RE: Automating conversion of Jama Item Type

    Posted 13 days ago
    Hi Praveen,

    This isn't able to be done via API, though you may be able to accomplish this using the process of converting a list or set/container of items following the instructions outlined in Convert items in List View or Explorer Tree. If doing so, you'll want to keep in mind the conditions listed in Converting items to another item type.

    Carly Rossi // she/her
    Community Manager // Jama Software
    Portland, OR