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Question about exporting 'Test Plans' & 'Test Cycles'

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  • 1.  Question about exporting 'Test Plans' & 'Test Cycles'

    Posted 07-09-2017 21:42
    I'm experimenting with exporting Test Plans (and associated items like Test Runs, Test Cases, etc) into Word using a custom template.

    One of the things I'm trying to do is export a Test Cycle.

    Within a given Test Plan, there are three buttons I can choose to show me different aspects of the Plan: 'Overview,' 'Test Cases,' & 'Test Runs.' So far so good.

    When I Export from the 'Overview,' all I get in the generated Word doc is information directly related to the 'Test Plan' item itself - that is, I don't get output from the 'Test Cycles' and 'Test Runs' that are contained within the 'Test Plan.' Now, this might be correct behaviour but I had expected that the whole of my Test Plan (that is, the 'Test Plan' overview, its associated 'Test Cycles,' and the cycles' 'Test Runs') would all have come out in the exported doc. Am I doing something wrong? Or should I not expect to get the whole Test Plan in one go?

    Moving on ... if I push the 'Test Runs' button, I see a list of the Test Runs in whichever Test Cycle I've got selected. If I export to Word from there, I get the info from the Test Runs involved. BUT, what I DON'T see anywhere is any of the details of the Test Cycle, other than its Name in the <<contextName>> field. That is, the Rich Text 'Description' field of the Test Cycle does not get exported out as I had expected.

    This seems odd to me. My Custom Template definitely does have the <<TemplateStart:TSTCY>> and <<TemplateEnd:TSTCY>> tags and all the tags from the default template in between them so I think I should be expecting to get all the Test Cycle details exported. Again, am I doing something wrongly?


    Ian Webb
    Enphase Energy, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Question about exporting 'Test Plans' & 'Test Cycles'
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    Posted 07-10-2017 10:34

    Hi Ian!

    First of all, I'd like to assure you that you are not doing anything wrong. I don't think there is any good way for me to explain why exporting from the Test Center works the way it does. It was designed with a fairly narrow use case, and I don't think we realized the full extent to which people would use it and require custom exports (since most of the details are captured in the built-in Velocity reports "Test Plan Summary" and "Test Plan Details").

    The surefire way to export all Test Cycle details would be to build a filter (see the beginning of this video for an example), and then use the Word template (with the TSTCY mail merge) that you created.

    Kristina King
    Jama Software

  • 3.  RE: Question about exporting 'Test Plans' & 'Test Cycles'

    Posted 07-10-2017 13:45
    Ah, righto Kristina - that looks to be a good way of getting the results I want. Thanks for your help on this.

    Ian Webb
    Enphase Energy, Inc.