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Incorrectly formatted single-line item

  • 1.  Incorrectly formatted single-line item

    Posted 16 days ago

    I've first noticed this issue in "Build date: 2021/02/17 10:40 " and I am pretty sure that it was not there in earlier versions.

    When entering a single-line Jama item, say a sharp requirement without a final carriage return, then the item is displayed with incorrect font.

    In the source view, the troublesome items shows the correct <p> encapsulation:

    However, when exporting the document to any HTML-ish file the one without the carriage return is not encapsulated by <p>. The others are, messing up the nice look of the export, since style sheets cannot be applied properly.

    Workaround: always put a carriage return. If carriage return is not wanted: safe it with carriage return. Edit it again and then remove the CR.

    Benno Kusstatscher
    Analog Devices