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  • 1.  Importing New Test Cases with Requirement links

    Posted 05-22-2019 11:42
    Im trying to figure out how to Importing New Test Cases with Requirement links.
    My expectation would be:
    1. created new test case using importing (this was successful)
    2. add the known requirement(s) that should be linked to the test case (not sure how to do this, Hierarchy/Color?)
    3. the excel format would result in a New Test Case that is linked to the existing requirement
    Can someone point me to or provide an example excel format for importing?



  • 2.  RE: Importing New Test Cases with Requirement links

    Posted 05-23-2019 04:18
    Colored Excel import is used for creating structure to Req hierarchy: folders or sub-requirements. - So, this is not the way here.

    Procedure goes roughly like this:
    1. Import Requirements only in to Jama. We need this to get IDs to refer for requirements
    2. Export newly imported reqs back to new Excel sheet (use filter to get list right)
    3. Merge Original Excel and exported excel for requirements part. (use vlookup() in Excel or similar to get IDs on corresponding rows with correct Requirements)
    4. Save new import excel with Reqs including IDs and Test Cases
    5. configure Import Plugin according to instructions for Reqs and Test Cases 
    6. Import Test Cases and create links to earlier imported Requirements

    Alternatively you can use rest Api with Python script to import and create relations between Reqs and TCs.

    Please contact me directly, if you need more help with this. I've been importing quite a bunch of stuff to Jama (and other tools:-)


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