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Contour Request/ Comparison Capability

  • 1.  Contour Request/ Comparison Capability

    Posted 03-19-2018 08:48
    As an RFP office, we need a comparison capability in Contour that enable us to compare between SRS requirements and a customer requirements set, such that it highlights the items it believes might be matchable. The customer requirements is usually an Excel spreadsheet.  Also, the matching likelihood could be a percentage match that is calculated by the number of identical words in the object (it is approximate).

    Please note that this feature is offered by one of Contour's competitors. But we would rather not switch away from Contour. So, we would like to know if Contour has a technology partner that could provide this capability as an add-on module to Contour or if Contour could recommend a third-party developer who could be contracted to provide this capability in a separate product that could pull the relevant data from Contour via an API.

    Bharat Ramireddy