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    Posted 05-06-2015 09:37
    I just realized I was spending time doing the same simple, but somewhat tedious thing repeatedly this week.  Seems like I've gone through lists with headers and collapsed all or most of the sublists repeatedly in order to work on a specific sublist I needed to find.

    Unless I missed it, as I think about it, lots of apps have an Expand / Collapse All function for such lists.   I have 2 examples in my current view..." />

    This is similar to functionally, which would still be an improvement in my opinion.  This proposal is, perhaps a bit more generalized, albeit complicated to implement.


    ... Sometimes it's the little things ...   :-)

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    Posted 05-06-2015 14:10
    I agree—it is the little things that make an experience better! Thanks for posting, Bob. It's nice to see you around ;)

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    Posted 08-18-2015 12:10
    One of our user groups has specifically asked that this be extended to the Review Center -- i.e. the TOC panel in a review has a hierarchical list, but no means to expand the hierarchy all at once.

    This is inconsistent with the Projects Explorer pane, which does have such an option. Our users are finding the lack of the option in the review makes it more painful to visualize the entire hierarchy during the review.

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    Posted 10-23-2017 02:27
    Hi everyone,

    we participated in a session with Jama Product team, regarding the Test Center functionalities, since there seems to come improvements in next Jama releases. One of the main pain points of working with test center for our test engineers was working with the test groups view. And this feature request for expand all button was pronounced. For exactly the same use case as Bob was describing. Another point is that when opened one group the user wants to see, if going to some other test plan to check for another information, the initial view is lost and the user needs to click around again.

    The second point (not related to the subject of the thread) was inability to see item IDs for test cases in those tables, since our users are referring internally to test cases through their IDs.
    So I wanted to verify if there were other votes for the expand/collapse feature and if there is a possibility to be implemented.
    The same for the second IDs feature.



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    Posted 10-24-2017 16:29
    Yes, our team would like to see the Expand/Collapse All implemented as we have an extensive list of folders/sub-folders within one of our projects. Besides which it seems counter-intuitive to have an expand all capability and not have the facility to reverse that without individually clicking each expanded area to collapse it!

    Martin Witchard
    Senior Business Analyst