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Test Case Creation within Jama

  • 1.  Test Case Creation within Jama

    Posted 03-03-2016 21:02
    I know I can create Test Cases in Excel and import them but I would prefer to use the Jama tool to do it.

    My problem is with the interface.  Entering 20 or 30 steps in a test case can be very time consuming without a little better interface.  My suggestions:
    1. When selecting up and down arrows, stay with the original line.  If I click on the arrow multiple times without moving my mouse, it just toggles the two lines back and forth.  Normally when someone wants to move something they may want to move it several lines.  I should be able to click on the arrow for the item I want to move and click 4 times without moving my mouse to move that item +/-4 lines not click, move mouse, click, move mouse, click, move mouse, click!
    2. Duplicate line - Many times, steps are closely repeated.  Again I'd rather duplicate 3 times and make edits than insert, paste, insert, paste,insert, paste and then still have to edit.
    3. Alternate edit option - edit, insert, paste, move, insert, paste, edit, edit, etc. can get to be very tedious with many steps.  What I would like to see is an alternate edit box that gave you an ordered lists.  This way I can cut/copy/paste/move/edit all in one box very easily.  Then when I'm done, it takes each item in the list and turns it into a step.  If you do this then Duplicate line is not really needed (or insert, delete, or move up/down for that matter).  And even more bonus points if you include search and replace.
    4. Need to increase step line window size - If I'm cutting and pasting previous lines, I really don't like to have to scroll too.  I also have a hard time following the test case when I can only see the previous 4 lines.  Needs to be expandable up to something like 20 rows.
    5. Button to auto-resize columns - It's ridiculous to have to space a column and then you lose your icons, then resize it again to get it back and resize another column, etc.  It should auto-resize or or have a button to resize.
    6. As mentioned above a search and replace in all steps.
    7. Would also be nice if the full formatting bar was available for each step.  This would be lower priority but if you do the Alternate edit option, this should be easy as well.

  • 2.  Re: Test Case Creation within Jama

    Posted 03-04-2016 04:53
    Hi Scot,

    we also find the test case editing irritating here and there but have found some workarounds you might want to try:

    1) Are you aware that drag and drop of test steps work? This has improved reorganizing teststeps to some extent.

    4) + 7) We have played around with the underlying javascript a little - and we managed to increase the width of the columns. Additionally we managed to open a slimmed version of a richt text editor for the test steps which is nice when you need some formatting in your test steps.

    We have done and tested this only on our non-production system and I haven't had time to clarify with Jama yet if and under which circumstances we can apply those changes to our on-premise installation as well.

    So Kristina, if you are reading this - any thoughts on this? If such "customizing" is allowed we can see if sharing this yould be an option.


  • 3.  Re: Test Case Creation within Jama

    Posted 03-04-2016 13:29
    Hadn't noticed the drag and drop, that will help a lot for reorganization.

    I'm well versed in HTML so I can change the formatting however I want, I just wish there was a way for my non-HTML peers to have something simple to use.

  • 4.  Re: Test Case Creation within Jama

    Posted 03-04-2016 13:37
    Hi Anna,

    If it doesn't break things and seems stable in your test environment, I have no reason to immediately say "that's not allowed!" But should issues with test step editing come up, this info would be good to know in case the tweaking is responsible for the issues. As far as sharing it goes, again I don't see a problem as long as everyone understands that the changes are not supported and might introduce problems (especially if not done correctly).

    One thing to keep in mind is that our upcoming on-premises release should have the new Rich Text in Test Steps feature, which Robin outlined here:">"> This functionality would help Scot with points 4 and 7 (as your hack does). It might help with 5, but I'm not entirely clear what icons are being lost. So depending on when an organization plans to upgrade next, it may or may not be worth waiting for the official functionality.

    Scot—thanks for sharing the idea. I'm glad Anna brought up drag-and-drop for point #1, because I didn't know that was possible.

  • 5.  Re: Test Case Creation within Jama

    Posted 03-07-2016 05:05
    Will that be the spring release for On-Premise? Is there a rough date scheduled already?

  • 6.  Re: Test Case Creation within Jama

    Posted 03-07-2016 13:50
    It should be "the" spring release, yes, but there isn't a date yet.