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Review Center: Open html links using a simple click

  • 1.  Review Center: Open html links using a simple click

    Posted 04-23-2015 07:16
    Hi community,

    we are using html links (in JAMA 2014.2) to link to other specifications in JAMA, documents in SVN repositories or in the web. When items, which are using such html links to reference other items in JAMA in the description field, are reviewed, it isn't possible to open the linked document using a simple (left) click. A workaround is a right-click and choosing "Open in new tab". I know, it is a real small issue, but some of our users ran into the problem that they doesn't noticed that there is a linked specification due to the fact that a simple (left) click didn't work.

    The effort to explain the workaround to every user is very low, but leads to the question: Why doesn't work the left click right away? Is there a special reason for this behavior?

    Best regards,

  • 2.  Re: Review Center: Open html links using a simple click

    Posted 04-23-2015 14:26 got me wondering.

    You mention using HTML links, and in my experience, those *may* behave differently than utilizing the linking function in the rich text editor itself. I'm on a Mac, and using Chrome and Firefox I observe this with a single click/left click:
    *links to Jama items will pop up a box displaying the linked item's fields, regardless of how the link was created in the description (maybe not ideal for some users, but this is designed behavior)
    *links created via HTML in the Source view to non-Jama data will open the link in the same window as the Review (bad!)
    *links created within the RTE to non-Jama data will open in a new tab (your desired behavior)

    Do you observe different behavior for the hyperlinks depending on where they pointed to and how they were created? And what browser do most of your users utilize?

  • 3.  Re: Review Center: Open html links using a simple click

    Posted 04-24-2015 04:59
    Hi Kristina,

    that is exactly the behavior I have observed in the review center... 

    * The non-JAMA links are opened in a new window or tab (depending on the used browser)
    * Links to JAMA items are opened in a small pop-up window
    * Links to JAMA attachments are opened in a new tab/window

    The JAMA links work fine if you are linking e.g. requirements or test cases. The small pop-up box gives a fast overview. From my point of view it doesn't work for components, folders and sets. In our use case the description fields of these items are normally empty. There are two reasons for this:
    1. the description field isn't shown in the reading view, when the component, set or folder is chosen
    2. if the description field isn't shown, users have the problem to find the text they have seen in e.g. an exported document.
    Therefore, we decided to introduce "Introduction Text Items". We don't use the description field of a component to introduce a chapter, we add an additional text item in the component. This leads to an empty component.

    If I need to link to a complete specification, which are organized in components, I add an html link (using RTE) referring to the component.

    In the "Projects View" the specification is opened in the same window (that's ok; new tab would be better). In the "Review Center" the empty component is opened in the pop-up box (see image)

    I think it depends on the usage of JAMA, which solution is better. I was just wondering about the different behavior in the project's view and the review center.

    I don't see a real need to change the implemented behavior, if it is a "designed behavior". However, I'm interested in the thoughts of other JAMA users regarding this issue.

    What's your desired behavior:
    1. Open all JAMA internal links in pop-up boxes
    2. Open requirements, test cases and user defined item types in pop-up boxes and components folders and sets in a new tab
    3. open all JAMA internal links in a new tab (similar to the behavior in the "Project's View")


  • 4.  Re: Review Center: Open html links using a simple click

    Posted 04-27-2015 15:58
    OK, I see. Thanks for further clarifying, Sebastian. So it's not just a matter of what is optimal to see and where, but also a matter of consistency between all of the views in Jama.
    Thanks for sharing that! We're currently working on enhancing the "single item view", so I will be curious to see if the implementation of links changes, and if so, if that is a change carried over to the view in Review Center. I'll double-check with my Product team that they've seen this thread.