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more keyboard shortcuts

Grant07-16-2015 06:38

Angela07-07-2016 15:43

  • 1.  more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 04-10-2015 13:15
    Are there plans to incorporate keyboard shortcuts? Some possible examples:
    1. Insert Key = add new object in current location of the tree
    2. Delete Key = delete the current item
    3. Arrow Keys = navigate through the active window or menu tree
    4. etc

  • 2.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 04-10-2015 14:44
    Randy, your question got me wondering. I remember seeing some shortcuts in the demo of the "new" rich text editor (that came with 2014.2) and seeing more shortcuts than I realized possible. As it turns out one of the examples you provided, #3, is possible (see the user guide). As we work on updating the UI (which for on-premises customers begins with 2015.1 and the List View), it seems like more should be possible. Our next hosted release should have contextual URLS (e.g. URLs to individual items, filters, releases, etc., and a working back button!). With those improvements it might open some other doors...

  • 3.  RE: Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 01-30-2018 05:33
    As someone whose first computers were DOS, I use keyboard shortcuts whenever possible. Rich text is great and it's helpful that some keyboard shortcuts exist there, but having them outside of that editor would be great. When I use the rich text editor, all my non-custom reports, i.e., the report of test results, have HTML coding in them in spite of our admin having made sure that all the settings are correct. I avoid the rich text editor as much as possible as it requires me to either go into each test case with the regular Edit option OR spend considerable time cleaning up the reports.

    Cynthia Weber
    Software Test Lead
    ProQuest LLC
    Ann Arbor, MI

  • 4.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 04-10-2015 20:44
    Thanks Kristina. The new Rich Text box is MUCH better and now that you point it out it even has text drag and drop. :) The tree view is next I hope. Even little things like synchronizing the tree with an object selected in the list view would help a lot.

  • 5.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 05-07-2015 20:45
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Keyboard Shortcuts.

    As a software engineer by nature, I find it very painful to have to take my hands off of the keyboard in order to navigate through Jama.  Since Jama opens tabs within its own environment I can't utilize Chrome to navigate through Jama like I would in other web apps (e.g. in JIRA, I open multiple issues in different tabs and rely on Chrome to switch between them).  

    I searched the help pages and didn't find much implemented on keyboard shortcuts.  For example, is there a way to switch between tabs without using the mouse (e.g. in chrome you can switch between tabs using ctrl + t)?

    Other items I think would benefit from shortcuts:
    • Search (move the cursor to the search box)
    • Save and Close
    • Find Me (pull up an item's location in the tree view)
    • Navigation in general in the tree view (expand, open item)
    • A way to click on an item to open a new tab without changing the tab you're presently on
    • Create/Delete an item
    Is there any plan to put these kinds of keyboard shortcuts, or alternative ways of navigating Jama in the program roadmap?

  • 6.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 05-07-2015 20:52
    Thanks for the suggestions, Mike! I've merged this Idea with another of the same theme—keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for the idea. I'm not sure what the immediate future holds for adding more shortcuts, but as continue to make updates to the UI it will definitely be something to consider. All I can really speak to is what's coming in the next release; that includes some more UI updates (to single item view) but no additional shortcuts.

  • 7.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 05-07-2015 21:01
    Thanks for the feedback.  I assume what you mean by 'single item view' is that I can open an item type in a separate tab and Jama will maintain the context of what I'm looking at?  If that's the case, I think it takes care of some of my concerns related to tabs by relying on the browser to provide the keyboard shortcut for me.

  • 8.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-15-2015 12:58
    There's a plus one from us here.

    One of the key complaints I receive from our users is the number of clicks to perform the functions which are repetitive and core to the tool use.

    Key things we'd like to see shortcuts for in addition to Mike's list:
    • Duplicate an existing item (a simple copy/paste of an item)
    • Add a new item
    • Edit an existing item

  • 9.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-15-2015 13:26
    I really hate to jump on the band wagon but 5 years ago when I first started learning and using Jama/Contour in those days, I was slightly amazed that there were no keyboard short-cuts, customizable keys, and also recordable macros. Perhaps I'll just be happy with CTRL-C, CTRL-V (simple copy and past as @Grant has suggested), and my favorite CTRL-Z (for un-do :-) swoo

  • 10.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-15-2015 13:31
    Swoo, I hear both you and Grant! With the new list view we added more shortcuts, so I hope that signals the direction we're headed. I really like Grant's ideas to duplicate and add items! (Although as cool as they are, I think customizable hotkeys and recordable macros might be a pipe dream for a webapp. But you never know—I'm sure someone has pinned that down!)

  • 11.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-15-2015 13:39
    Kristina, thanks for your reply. By th way Günther does a lot of pipedreaming. Lol

  • 12.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-16-2015 06:36

    Check out Jira. There are really simple shortcuts in there that our users love. For example, when an item is being edited, a stroke of 'a' on the keyboard brings up the "Assign User" dialog box. Really fast, really handy.

    Ideas for what I'd love to see would be:

    1. Click on an item in the explorer
    2. Hit 'n', new item created below (insert blank item of same type)
    3. Hit 'c', duplicate item created below (copy/paste)
    4. Hit 'e', opens edit box
    5. Hit 'd', deletes the item

    ...all with minimal clicks (e.g. dialog for "do you really want to..." with a "don't show this again" checkbox.

    One can dream... :)


  • 13.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-16-2015 06:37
    Swoo, me too. Jama is such a game-changer tool that we'd forgive and forget the omission of functionality like this back in the day. Not so much now when it's being used by teams all day, every day... :)


  • 14.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-16-2015 06:38
    @Günther. Nice.

  • 15.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-16-2015 09:00
    @Kristina, listen to Grant. I can sniff out a great and experienced Jama super user and org admin a mile away. I have a good nose for that. By the way this is a pictorial representation of how my older brother beats me to the Game of Thrones, I wanted to do a Ctrl-x and Ctrl-v with Kobi. These are frequently used keyboard shortcut because he takes my day bed, night bed, and food bowls frequently. Lol. Sincerely, Günther.

  • 16.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-16-2015 09:22
    @Swoo, you're making me blush. We should develop our Jama bromance over a beer sometime.

    Jama usercon/beerfest. Now, there's an idea...


  • 17.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-16-2015 09:30
    @Grant, disclaimer: I do not condone or promote alcohol consumption either at a workplace or on a public forum. Having said that, beer may be nice, but those who are involved with Jama org administration might consider something stronger. My wife happens to think that I make a killer Mai-tai. This is a partial ingredient list. Lol. I do not know why the above picture is posted upside down. I tried twice. I have not been drinking. I am at Pacific US. I have not even had coffee yet. Lol.

  • 18.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-16-2015 16:53
    @Grant you're absolutely right, those JIRA shortcuts, while appearing simple, are killin' it! I appreciate your point about Jama being a quaint game-changer so you could forgive lack of shortcuts, but when it becomes Enterprise software, items like these turn from wants into needs.

    @Swoo, oh, I listen to Grant. We go way back ;)

    And as far as the usercon goes, yes please! I know we're working on something that I hope becomes feasible for everyone here to attend. And it being Portland, it'd by default be a beerfest. But I'll have to add to the list of musts a support community-exclusive area for Jama bromances to blossom.

  • 19.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 01-19-2016 16:24
    I'm reviewing our "request list" and tagging on to this topic as Keyboard Shortcuts being a want :) I thought we'd already tagged it, may have been in the old forum!


  • 20.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 01-19-2016 20:44
    I checked the old forum and don't see your org on there, Jennifer, so I'll make sure you get related!

  • 21.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-01-2016 14:12
    Is there an all inclusive list of what keyboard shortcuts are currently supported?  I know a few are, but having difficulty finding a list.

  • 22.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-06-2016 16:01
    AFAIK the user guide contains all of the supported shortcuts for use in the rich text editor:">">
    It looks like we need to document List View navigation/editing.

  • 23.  Re: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 07-07-2016 15:43

  • 24.  RE: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 02-24-2017 09:25

    Adding a voice for more navigation related shortcuts. We have users wishing for more keyboard based navigation and keyboard based friendly form entering. Seeking shortcuts for among other things, the following:

    closing jama tabs
    navigating jama tabs
    save and close and commit

    It has also been noted that the cursor is not always in the most friendly place for immediate text entry. For example, adding comments immediately following Save and Close - this occurs every time. This is something that occurs when first editing or creating a requirement.

    Brian Hair
    Software Engineer I
    Middleton WI

  • 25.  RE: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 02-25-2017 17:18
    Yes, definitely more keyboard shortcuts. 

    When in review center, "j" and "k" should go forward and backwards through items like they work in email clients and RSS readers. Some other key combination should be be mapped to clicking review, or if an approver to approve and disapprove. Perhaps "e" to jump straight into leaving a comment. 

    J/K should also enable you to walk through the items in a folder. I want to be able to click into a requirement from a folder and then navigate all items in the folder with just keyboard shortcuts. 

    Also "e" for edit on any screen where I have to go into an editing mode. and ⌘-R (or control if you use windows) to leave comments.

    Adam Wuerl
    Spaceflight Industries
    Seattle WA

  • 26.  RE: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 01-29-2018 09:32
    +1 for this feature. We write a lot of documentation in Jama and I wish more of it could be done without having to constantly switch between keyboard and mouse.


  • 27.  RE: more keyboard shortcuts

    Posted 03-27-2018 08:42
    Absolutely must include Mark reviewed as keyboard shortcut. Reviewing 193 issues using the mouse is crazy and highly mouse intensive when a keyboard shortcut could do it in a fraction of the time (reference research showing keyboard being 33% faster than mouse).

    I note many requests for more keyboard shortcuts from, mainly, software developers.

    Please consider your users having to click every time they want to do something; this is not efficient and means they'll find other solutions (using Excel instead of Jama for instance).