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  • 1.  Autosave

    Posted 07-15-2015 21:37

    Could we introduce an autosave feature when editing requirements and test cases in Jama?

    We had a situation here today where a user lost a chunk of work whilst running a test case due to a server outage (we have an on-premesis release).

    Is the alternative here to switch to a hosted solution?


  • 2.  Re: Autosave

    Posted 07-15-2015 21:52
    Hi Chris,

    Sorry to hear about your user's problem. It's always a pain when a person loses work. Can you describe what work is actually lost?

    As you may know that in the single item edit view of a requirement or test case, a user has to commit to the database change explicitly. It may be a good thing for people to click on save every once in a while.

    Which version are you on? 2015.1 hosted version has autosave in the list view. 2015.1 on premises version has autosave also. The older version needs an explicit save.

    I am not a Jama employee so cannot comment directly on the promised up-time of hosted solution. I did read a PDF file where Jama tries their best to keep the system up at least 99.5%

    I don't know how up-to-date this SLA is, though.

    @Kristine with Jama can elaborate more directly during her normal business hours Pacific Daylight Saving time on Thur.

    Good luck.


  • 3.  Re: Autosave

    Posted 07-16-2015 15:18
    Chris, thanks for asking this question. As Swoo notes, there is a little bit of Autosave in Jama currently—in 2015.1+ List View, hitting Enter will save the changes made to a field. So can we actually introduce true autosave throughout Jama? I think that's certainly a possibility. But will we introduce it? Based on customer feedback, I would be surprised if Autosave make it into Jama (or at least makes it in as the default behavior). With these recent List View changes, we've had many complaints that users committed changes they weren't yet ready to commit, and many edits had to be undone.

    That said, I'm not sure where the future will take us—I don't know what the long-term plan is for our saving features. At one point I know we were working on some sort of drafting feature, so it's possible that's where an autosave might live. This all said, I think you make a good point, and it's nice to hear one that contrasts with the "they didn't mean to commit the changes" point of view. I'm going to change this topic to an "Idea" so my colleagues on the Product team know there is feedback for them on this thread. But to answer the last question, the hosted platform doesn't currently have a true and full autosave feature, although changes are pushed more frequently to this deployment model and if we do implement this, it would make it there first.

  • 4.  Re: Autosave

    Posted 11-24-2015 11:37
    Hi all,
    Today a workmate had a problem similar to what happened to Chris, so we started wondering if Jama had an autosave feature and we ended up in this thread...
    A good way to deal with the different needs of users regarding autosave would be the inclusion of an "Autosave every 1 minute" checkbox (similar to "Notify" and "Add another") in the Edit window, so that everyone could choose their preferred behavior.
    Just an idea...

    Thanks and regards,


  • 5.  Re: Autosave

    Posted 11-24-2015 15:53
    I agree that if we implement an autosave, it would be nice if it isn't forced. Thanks for sharing, Lisandro.

  • 6.  Re: Autosave

    Posted 12-18-2015 13:36

    We've been writing quite lengthy Use Cases in Jama and we've had three separate people lose work because they've accidentally closed the browser or the browser has crashed.

    I think people are so used to applications like Google Docs these days that they are surprised that Jama doesn't have an autosave feature.

    We'd definitely like to see this feature!



  • 7.  Re: Autosave

    Posted 12-18-2015 16:20
    Thanks for adding your feedback—it's definitely helpful to use to consider what other tools folks are used to.

  • 8.  Re: Autosave

    Posted 08-22-2016 08:01
    hi everyone!

    this is also problem for us. I believe saving "draft" version as intermediate would be a good solution, so it is possible to recover your work in case of any issues. 

  • 9.  RE: Autosave

    Posted 12-02-2019 05:18

    We need this autosave also urgently.


    Päivi Kaste
    Qvantel Oy