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Automatically Create Test Cases

  • 1.  Automatically Create Test Cases

    Posted 10-07-2019 13:38
    ​​Within our Jama environment we manually create test cases that are related or linked to upstream requirements.  In our case we have the name and description of the test case match the same name and description of the requirement.  We also ensure that every requirement is traced to a test case.

    Currently this is a totally process where the test cases are manually created and then individually related to the upstream requirement.   The folks who perform the test have asked if there is a way to perform this automatically.  meaning is there a way that when we create a requirement that we automatically create a test case of the exact same name and description and then also automatically provide the link between the two?

    I am fairly certain that this functionality does not exist, yet thought I would ask on behalf of my collogues who would love to have this feature to reduce their administrative time.   Perhaps there is some unique way that we could make use of the round trip feature to where I export the name and description of requirements into Excel and then use this Excel list to then import into test cases?  That would not solve the question of automatically creating the link, yet may save time for the creation of the test cases on an individual basis.

    Robert Ayers
    Newberg OR

  • 2.  RE: Automatically Create Test Cases

    Posted 10-08-2019 04:11
    Hi Robert,
    we had the same issue and perhaps my solution works for you as well:
    You can reuse the origin items into a new temporary "Set of .." from the based item type.
    E.g. reuse 100 items of Type System Requirement to a new Set of System Requirements (temp because it is only used to avoid messing with the rest ;) )
    In the reuse-dialog, use the following settings:

    Now you only need to convert the reused items from the temp set to the new destination. The relationship is kept.
    Unfortunately, you have to either change every realtionship by hand to e.g. "verified by" or use the rest API to do this- Jama does not offer a batch relationship change (as far as I know).

    Please let me kno if that helped.


    Requirements Engineer
    Sick AG