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"All Projects" Filter Handling in Jama

  • 1.  "All Projects" Filter Handling in Jama

    Posted 07-15-2019 17:21

    I would like better tools for handling "All Projects" filters in Jama. Our company uses Jama extensively across many different programs, and many of them have created these filters that clutter the list to the point where it is nearly unusable.

    It's a considerable problem when 99% of the filters in the list are irrelevant to your project.

    Some suggestions:
    Minimal option: Ability for project admin to just turn them off for a project. This would work in most cases.
    Best option: Ability to track which filter was created for which project(s) and configure visibility based on that (or some other parameter) from at least Org Admin level, preferably project admin level.

    Also, it would be (very) nice to get a filter directory or, even better, be able to search filters with some kind of autocomplete interface.

    Jason Soares