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Relationships are not part of the Test Run Module

  • 1.  Relationships are not part of the Test Run Module

    Posted 06-04-2019 18:46
    We have made a few custom templates to export test cases and the associated relationship requirement that is linked to it. When we print our custom test case report, it shows the test case name along with the requirements that are linked to the test case.

    Test Case Reporting

    When we try to replicate this for a Test Run report. We get all the relevant information but we are unable to display the requirements that are related to the test case.

    After further investigation, it does not look like the Test Run module uses relationships data. There is no way to display or show what requirement the test case is trying to validated within the Run Module. I believe this is why we can't pull back the requirement information into the Test Run Report.

    It would be great if the Test Run module could retain the relationship information and allow it to be used in custom reports, as well as display this same information in one of the software columns.

    Art Saborio