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Email notification on Reviews

  • 1.  Email notification on Reviews

    Posted 04-20-2020 07:45
    We have recently had an issue that notification of review email was blocked for several participants.  It would be very useful to know when an email is not sent successfully for a review, e.g. the email was blocked, or the email address is no longer valid, etc.

    David Fann

  • 2.  RE: Email notification on Reviews

    Posted 04-21-2020 04:54

    I agree, this would be useful.  I had a few cases where the user's first and last names were not configured on the profile and this resulted in the user never receiving the emails from Jama.  I wasn't aware until much later when I followed up for approvals, the user told me she never got the request.

    Thank you.

    Robena Sukhu
    Sun Life Financial