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Attachment History not easily accessible

  • 1.  Attachment History not easily accessible

    Posted 10 days ago
    ​Dear all,

    If I attach a document to a jama item and the attachment is changed, I can only see the change (and reinstall older versions) if I go to "edit attachment". Otherwise, I don't even see, there has been any change (no entry in the versions).
    In the "edit attachment > history" I can reinstall older versions of attachments but not view them (e.g. for comparison).

    It is rather counter-intuitive to start editing something in order to see how many versions are existing.
    It is very unpractical to reinstall older versions of anything without being able to see upfront, what the content has been.

    Can the attachment history be propagated to the item history?

    Best Regards.

    Cornelia Retsch