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Testplan: automatically create sub-testgroups

  • 1.  Testplan: automatically create sub-testgroups

    Posted 04-28-2020 02:35
    Hi Guys,
    when you let Jama create the testgroups automatically by the Test Case's hierarchy, only folders that contain testcases are used:
    Folder System
    ___Subfolder Component 1
    ______Testcase 1
    ______Testcase 2
    ___Subfolder Component 2
    ______Testcase 3
    ______Testcase 4

    Will create 2 testgroups for component 1 and 2 but the information (coming from the name of the folder system) is lost.
    For us it would be great if the testgroups could either organized identical to the folders (creating sub-testgroups at least in the Testcase overview of a testplan) or adding this information in the name of the sub folders.


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