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Issues observed while creating/editing test cycle.

  • 1.  Issues observed while creating/editing test cycle.

    Posted 05-20-2019 00:09

    Recently I faced a couple of issues while trying to edit a test cycle. Here's basically what I did.

    I had a test cycle for release A with results of the test runs, Now for Release B I created a new test cycle for the same test plan which shall include the test cases that either failed,were not run or Blocked. When I added a new test cycle for Release B naming it as "Release_B", by mistake I did not disable the tests that were "passed". So in the new test cycle got a list of all the test cases. On realising the mistake, I edited the cycle "Release_B" to exclude the test that had passed earlier.

    • When I land on the page where I need to select the tests to include in the cycle based on status, I observed that all the tests are selected by default. I disable the option for passed test cases, but again I see all the test cases are included. After editing multiple times, I had same observation.
    • On failing to edit the cycle , I decide to delete "Release_B" cycle and create a new one with the same name. On doing so I got a message that the cycle "Release_B" already exists and cycle opens up having a Number , which I suppose is the API ID, with a list of all the previous tests. When trying to delete this one, I get a message that its already deleted. After a few refresh and login logout cycles, I was finally able to create a cycle with name "Release_B".
    • After the test cycle has been created, Is there an option to delete a few test cases without having to go edit the cycle ? I wanted to remove few on the tests that were in "not run" state but not all of them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

    Parul Bhatt