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Notification sent to whom?

  • 1.  Notification sent to whom?

    Posted 06-07-2018 09:14
    When updating or creating items (PR/CR/TC) you can select a user to send a message to.
    But afterwards you can't see in the history to whom it has been sent.

    It would be more than nice to have this data so you can check if you really notified someone and if the person missed your email or not.

    Note, that we use the notifications for reviewing our testcases. The assigned field is used for executing our testscripts (default person to execute script) so we can't use it for reviewing purposes by e.g. a filter.

    see attached image: test.png

    Marcel Bachus
    Innolux Technology Europe B.V

  • 2.  RE: Notification sent to whom?

    Posted 10-18-2018 08:02
    I too have found the similar need to see where the notification was sent to.