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JAMA /REST API Permission

  • 1.  JAMA /REST API Permission

    Posted 02-28-2017 21:52
    We are in the process of developing a connector for JAMA for one of the biggest Chip company. We are using the REST API for JAMA for communication. 

    1. Is there any list of permission that is present which will be required for accessing the REST API? We are confused with getUsers as it seem Org admin is required?
    2. REST API List - Is there any specific permission required to do all the actions


    Joydeep Datta
    Kovair Software

  • 2.  RE: JAMA /REST API Permission

    Posted 03-22-2018 23:33
    ​Have same question. is there any feedback about it? it is helpful for us.

    Jim Xu

  • 3.  RE: JAMA /REST API Permission

    Posted 03-27-2018 07:59
    Hi Joydeep and Jim,

    When using the REST API, the same permissions apply to GET, PUT, DELETE, and POST as they do in the application UI. So to get user information with the API, one would need to be logged in with organization Administrator credentials.

    You can see a list of Jama permissions here:

    Jama User Guide -- Permissions Grid

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

    Sara Jensen
    Developer Support Engineer
    Jama Software
    Portland OR