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Limited permission to part of the project

  • 1.  Limited permission to part of the project

    Posted 11-08-2019 03:41
    Bumped into this kind of problem in our projects permission management.

    It is not possible to grant access only to specific component/set in project without granting access to project root. PM needs to disable permissions from all the items directly on root level except the target component/set.

    1) Project is not visible in project list in case access granted only to component/set level
    2) when some of the project's creators adds a new component/set on project root level it will inherit the permissions from the root and grant access also to this restricted group in case permission granted in root level. Only the project manager can update the permissions after the creation.

    In case user is a member of  a project group, user is able to browse and view the project in project selection list. When the project is opened only the component/set where to user has permission is visible. In case the component/set is not in the project root the path is still shown (preceding component(s)).


  • 2.  RE: Limited permission to part of the project

    Posted 11-10-2019 22:08

    We have also faced similar need many times, i.e. to manage (edit) permissions inside a project in more flexible way. Therefore, I support the request.

    Antti Karjalainen

  • 3.  RE: Limited permission to part of the project

    Posted 03-02-2020 13:34
    Hello team!

    Just to make it easier for our production team, I'm adding two more similar Product Idea thread links to this post:
    With two users requests: Permissions on item-type
    And two more users: user access to a component only

    Godiva Hunt